The Identity Politics of the Far Left

The far left’s view of identity politics is scientifically inaccurate, and morally depraved. They claim that:

The truth or falsehood of a statement depends very strongly upon the group membership of the person saying it.

One’s right to speak at all depends very strongly upon one’s group membership.

Original Sin exists, where some people are not only “born guilty”, but irredeemably so, by dint of their group membership.

Western Civilization is a criminal enterprise.

Race is a social construct, yet racial differences are so profound that “privileged” races are unable to understand the experiences of other races, and shouldn’t even try. They should just listen to whatever is said by the most hateful representatives of those other races and agree without question.

The only prevailing gender difference, innate or learned, that is allowed to be discussed is male criminality, otherwise known as “toxic masculinity”, which we are to go on and on about.

Popular generalizations about social groups are “stereotypes” and as such are always wrong, except for those that are casting privileged groups in a negative light.

Due process does not apply when a member of a privileged group is accused of bigotry or sexual predation by a member of a less privileged group. The accused has no rights, and if they fight the rap, are to be condemned in a petition signed by all of their peers. The only acceptable response to such an accusation is to confess, apologize, beg for forgiveness while professing self-hatred, resign from any post they hold, and check into rehab.

All differences in outcomes between groups where privileged groups are doing better are explained by “oppression” and “injustice”. Any attempt to discuss any other possible explanation is to be met with hysterical outrage.

All differences between outcomes where privileged groups are doing worse (i.e. higher rate of homelessness among males, lower rate of college graduation among males, 93% of deaths on the job are male, single childless females of a given age earn more than single childless males of the same age) are not to be discussed.

What is really, really bad about these identity politics is not just that they are so profoundly stupid and morally depraved, but they pervade all aspects of the liberal world view. They can’t talk about anything without dragging identity politics into it, and when that happens everything goes insane.

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