The Plan

I see the left’s whole identity politics as a deliberate plan to destroy Western Civilization. To begin with, they don’t see that as a bad end, since they see Western Civilization as a criminal enterprise.

The society consists of a large number of demographics. In virtually all cases there are cultural differences between them, and very often intrinsic differences. These differences amount to advantages and disadvantages, so that if society is operated in a fair manner, treating all groups equally and basing everything on fundamental rights of individuals, different demographics will experience different outcomes.

With the wild success of market reforms in Red China after Mao’s death, followed by the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the implosion of the Warsaw Pact, the far left faced a crisis — everyone knew at that point that they didn’t know their asses from a hole in the ground about economics, so what were they going to talk about? So they went into new areas, mostly environmentalism and identity politics. These fields enabled them to vilify most of the same people who they had hated all along, with the added bonus that in identity politics, many in the Western World felt that the principle of free speech didn’t really apply.

They moved aggressively to punish anyone who talked about intrinsic or even cultural advantages or disadvantages between demographics. They never established any scientific or historic reason that such advantages and disadvantages couldn’t exist — they didn’t have to — they just said it wasn’t a nice thing to say. Once they had done this, they aggressively asserted that the only reason for a difference in outcomes was injustice. This warping of the rules of debate resulting in a spectacular over estimation of the amount of injustice in the society. The far left could then weaponize this perception as a tool to tear everything down.

This continues with a systematic and deliberate attack on American society’s symbols, heroes, and history, and an attempt to portray everything as unjust and unsustainable, as no one having justly earned anything that they have.

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  1. xyquarx says:

    In case anyone was doubting that there’s an attack on Western Civilization and enlightenment values, here’s an article drawing a ridiculously tenuous link between public intellectual Steven Pinker and the depraved criminal Jeffrey Epstein:

    Reading the article it becomes clear that the reason so many people have it in for Steven Pinker is that he has the unmitigated gall to defend Western Civilization and enlightenment values.

    Quote: “And Enlightenment Now [Pinker’s latest book] “is a broadside in defense of Western civilizations when serious scholars of color” are arguing that the very idea of Western civilization “relies on and reinforces structural racism.”

    Quote: “Over the past few years especially, he said, Pinker has joined “a cadre of older, mostly white male academics who espouse a purist view of free speech and debate” that “ignores significant scholarship from women and scholars of color about how free speech and academic freedom as traditionally construed overweight and privilege already privileged voices” — meaning mostly white, older men.”

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