Racism in Flushing

One Saturday, I wanted to go out Karaoke singing, so I went to Flushing, an Asian neighborhood in New York City with a lot of Karaoke clubs.

Using the Google Map, I was able to find one, and I walked in the door. Everyone else present was Asian. There weren’t very many people, a music video was going, and a man was singing in Chinese.

The waitress walked up to me and I expected her to show me to a seat. I said to her “I’ll have a Tsingtao, please.” (Tsingtao is the Budweiser of China).

She said to me “No Americans.”.

I turned and left the bar.

But thinking about it, I thought “What awesome people! I want to be around them as much as I can!”.

The incident showed how political correctness is completely alien to Asian culture. It’s not even that they reject it, as I do, it’s that they don’t even understand how it’s supposed to work. That waitress had no idea that what she said to me was illegal, or that there was anything wrong with it.

In American culture, I am considered “privileged”, which is an extremely heavy burden. It means that anything I do or say is wrong, that all the problems of less privileged demographics are my fault, and that I’m a horrible monster unless I despise myself and my own kind.  My culture tells me that the most salient aspect of my identity is my demographic, and I am to despise that demographic.  I will go a long way to avoid cooperating with such a scheme in any way.

If I hang around with the sort of people I ran into in Flushing, sometimes they’ll tolerate my presence, and they won’t blame all their problems on me, they won’t hold it against me if I’m proud of who I am and where I came from. They may think we’re dumber than them and that we stink, but I’ll take it, it’s worth it.

Not all Asians see things this way. Particularly Asians who are born in the US, or immigrated at a young age, are poisoned by American culture — they know that they’re supposed to hate white people and white people are supposed to hate themselves.

In the presidential election in 2016, a majority of white women passed up the chance to vote for the first serious female presidential candidate in history, choosing instead a self-confessed “pussy-grabber”. Most Democrats aren’t aware of that statistic, and have no credible explanation for it. But perhaps the problem was that the Democratic Party was selling a philosophy that demanded that, as white people, these women hate themselves?